Israel and Palestine: History of the Conflict Explained


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Israel and Palestine Struggling with the Severe Conflict that Needs to be Addressed

The current situation of the Israel and Palestine war is miserable, and you must have one through the news channels and social media on what’s happening there. Similarly, you might be curious about the history behind the severe conflicts that must be projected. So, this blog will help you understand the reasons for disputes, how the world is helping, who is supporting and against them, etc.

The Current Situation in Israel and Palestine Fight

In the news of the last few days, you must have been devasted to see what’s happening in Gaza. The news channels broadcast live bombings, air strikes, and devastation. The uncountable destruction caused by the Israeli attacks has killed thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Similarly, numerous Palestinians were injured and wounded due to the severe attacks.

The Palestinians reported that they had heard the loud sounds of the Israeli rockets that struck in the air and killed their brothers, destroying their homes and everything. The Israelis attacked not only through the air but also the ground.

Why do Israel and Palestine fight? So, let’s now take you to the history of their situation and conflicts.

A Small Intro to Israel and Palestine Before 1948

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict started in the 19th century. After defeating the Ottoman Empire in the war, Britain acquired possession of Palestine in 1947. However, the place was owned by most Arabs and minor Jews. In addition to this, some small ethnic groups lived there. Similarly, the British mandate in Palestine thought of separating the entire state into two parts: one for the Jews and the other for the Arabs. You can further go through the Palestinian and Israeli maps. So, the United Nations (UN) signed Resolution 181 for this purpose.

So, this partition only spiked up the Israel and Palestine conflict. That’s because the UK was responsible for creating and establishing a national home for the Jews in Palestine. Later on, in 1948, the Israel war started. Thus, it resulted in the victory of the Israelis and caused thousands of Palestinians to fly away. Then, the authorities divided the land into three different parts. These parts you call are the following.

  • State of Israel
  • Gaza strip
  • West bank (consisting of river Jordan)

The Balfour Declaration

After promising the Jews a national home in Palestine, Britain had to follow unique policies in Palestine for the Jews. It was the Balfour Declaration in 1917 that they signed. In Arabic, the term meant Balfour’s promise. This mandate was signed by Arthur Balfour, who was appointed as a foreign secretary for the British Jews.

As the Jews had a small population, that is, they were ten percent of the total population, Britain used a special mandate there. So, what they did was they started encouraging the immigration of the Jews living in Europe to Palestine. Thus, within some time, the population of Jews in Palestine doubled tripled. From 1922 to 1935, their population spiked from 10 percent to 27 percent (during World War 2).

Although, the Balfour Declaration was to protect the rights (religious plus civil rights) of the non-Jewish people. However, the British rule allowed the Jews to carry the equipment for maintaining their self-rule against the Arabs in Palestine.

The rivalries between Israel and Palestine occurred when the Jews believed that Palestine belonged to them and the Palestinian Arabs thought similarly. The Arabs further refused to move out of their homeland. After this, in 1947, the UN also proposed a plan to make Jerusalem an international. However, this proposal was rejected by the Arabs but appreciated by the Jews. The Palestinians want their lost homes back, their homeland back, and want to return. However, in 1948, they presented their claim to the general assembly led by the UN. Their claim was accepted in the same year. According to the resolution, the refugees could return home and live peacefully with their neighbors.

However, Israel doesn’t want to proceed with the orders of the United Nations as they cannot imagine the settlement of five million refugees returning to live with the eight million Jews. Thus, if they allowed them, then they might have a power reduction.

The Borders of Israel

Jordon occupied the West Bank area. Whereas Egypt took control over Gaza. Similarly, the authorities segregated Jerusalem into two main parts: east and West. East Jerusalem got under the control of Jordanian Forces, and West Jerusalem Israel got control of it, as you know. The parties never signed a peace treaty; therefore, they kept fighting until now.

How Do You See Israel Now?

In 1967, Israelis demonstrated their powers by achieving control of some important regions. For example, they had East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Syrian Golan Heights, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, and the West Bank. Similarly, the major Palestinian refugees and their inheritors settled in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Jordan, and Wet Bank. The Israelis took action against the Palestinians who dared to return to their home.

Israel controls the West Bank. Along with that, they had the authority over Jerusalem and considered it as their capital. However, the Palestinians only hoped to get East Jerusalem in the future.

How Do You See the Palestinian Territories?

In the past 50 years, Israelis have made East Jerusalem and the West Bank their homes. Their population only increases with time. Although international law considers the settlement of the Israelis illegal, Israelis reject this.

Where Do You Expect Gaza to Be?

Where is Gaza? You should know after reading about the conflicts between the two nations (Israel and Palestine). You can easily locate the Gaza Strip on the map with a little guidance. So you can find it between the Mediterranean Sea and Israel. Along with this, the southern part of Egypt connects to it.

At least 3 million inhabitants live in Gaza. Thus, you can consider this city as a thickly populated one. The city is about 41km long. Since the war of 1948 to 1949, Gaza was under the occupation of Egypt. But in 1967, Israeli forces laid the operations and took control of this territory. In 2005, the Israelis withdrew their troops; however, the UN still marks it under the control of Gaza.

Some Important Factors that Influenced the Fight Between the Israelis and Palestinians

Below, you will find the causes that result in their fights.

  1. The Future of Palestinian Refugees: No one thinks about the future of the Palestinian refugees settled in various places for support and shelter.
  2. The Sharing of Jerusalem: The next important cause to discuss is who would get Jerusalem’s control. Some believed that it should be shared, but how?
  3. West Bank Occupation by Jews: There should be a clarification on whether the Jews could have their settlements in the West Bank.
  4. Palestine Independence: The most important factor to consider in the conflict of Palestine and Israel is that Palestine should get the independence it hoped for.

How Do Israel and Palestine Solve Their Rivalries?

What is the conflict between Israel and Palestine? By reading the blog above for the causes of their fights, you must want to know how to resolve the problems. From 1990 to 2010, they had undergone several Israel and Palestine peace talks, although, initially, some chances showed that the disputes and fights could be solved, but only for a short period. Similarly, by looking at Israel and Palestine’s history of conflict, they signed several peace treaties like the Oslo Peace Process in 1993. With this treaty, Palestinians eventually considered Israel as an indecent state. The Israelis also recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization, which represented the rights and voice of Palestinians.

Despite these efforts, Benjamin Netanyahu (opposition leader) considered Oslo a threat to Israel. Then, the Israelis tried to settle the Jews in the region occupied by the Palestinians. The next step taken by the Palestinians was projecting their militant group called Hamas to throw suicide bombs on the Israelis. In 1995, a Jewish extremist assassinated the Israeli Prime Minister. Later, in 2000, they wanted peace to be restored. In the year, 2003 both parties signed for the two-state solution, but it has yet to come out.

Recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu called Donald Trump  for “the deal of the century.” However, the Palestinians considered the prime minister a supporter of one side, and he was dismissed.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict Explained Thoroughly

The news about Israel and Palestinian wars is something that everyone reads because of the prolonged fights between them. An Islamist militant group called Hamas rules and controls Gaza, and they aim to destroy Israel. The UK and many other countries consider it a terrorist group.

In 2006, Hamas won the elections in Palestine, and Mahmoud Abbas started the rival Fateh movement to take hold of control of Gaza. The militants living in Gaza had served in different fights with Israel. Similarly, they helped prevent the attacks of the Hamas by stopping them.

The Palestinians who lived in Gaza believed that in the fights between Israelis vs Palestinians, Israel deserved severe punishments because they intentionally attacked the densely populated areas in Gaza.

According to the live reports, you should believe that the Israelis have made the deadliest wars on Palestinians this year. The Palestinians suffered a lot, especially in the West Bank and East part of Jerusalem. Also, they claim that the Palestinians are usually restricted from carrying out military actions against the Israelis.

Some even say that the Hamas attack resulted from the tensions and frustrations faced by the Palestinians. Moreover, the Palestinians want to increase their population, and for this reason, they put the Israelis as hostage. They claim that Israelis should free some of the people whom they kept as prisoners.

The Support System of Israel in the Current Situation

If a nation has so much rage and anger against the other and practically wastes no chance of destroying them, they have a backbone. In the Israel and Palestine war, Israel has the support system of the US, western countries, and Europeans. These supporters believe the attacks led by Hamas were unfair to Israel.

Similarly, the support of the US proves that it is one of the strongest allies of Israel. For example, they provided approximately 300 billion dollars in aid (military and economic) to Israel. Also, they lend them equipment, military weapons, and ammunition. Some reports have confirmed that the US provided those jets, ships, and aircraft in the Mediterranean.

However, Russia and China play the role of mediator. That’s because they were reluctant to support any of these two. Along with this, the Russian president blames the reason behind the lack of peace in the Middle East on the policies made by the US. Also, from Iran, Hamas always gets support.  It is a strong enemy of Israel (through the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement).

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