Israel-Gaza War Updates and Latest News – 19-October-2023


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The Israel-Gaza War has brought the world by storm as it is almost more than half the month of conflicts between Gaza and Israel. The Gaza Strip is constantly bombed by missiles of Israel. The ongoing conflicts and tensions are creating troubles in the geological landscapes of the Middle East. Many countries like the U.S. are supporting and giving aid to Israel again, Hummus. But the Muslim countries are supporting Gaza, but they can’t help them somehow.

War Situation in the Middle East Due to Missile Attacks in the Israel-Gaza War

Regional stability is a concern for all the countries, and the mess started when there was a conflict between Lebanon and Israel. The Israeli missiles launched on the borders of Lebanon. The military of Israel faces air strikes from Lebanon on their al-Manara. The missiles sent by both states led to the Israel-Hamas war.

In return, the Israeli air strikes took place in Lebanon. They fired two missiles on the Mais-al-Jabal of Lebanon. These air strikes took place on Thursday morning, which proved to be the worst morning. The Lebanese state agency reported these air strikes on the outskirts of Mais-al-Jabal. The western town where the air strikes took place was demolished to dirt. It was good luck that no injuries or death toll took place on the Western Border of Lebanon as a result of these Israeli air strikes.

Reason for the Lebanon Bombing

The Israeli rangers and cops attacked the people in Masjid al-Aqsa on the previous day. Masjid Al-Aqsa is the holiest site of Muslims. The Muslims of the world trembled as they heard about the Israeli attacks. According to the reports of the Israeli Military, Lebanon has dropped 34 rockets to Israel. Out of these, only 4 of them hit the ground, while the rest were intercepted. The exchange of the rockets and fires between these two heated the situation and made it worse.

The Border Relations Between the Lebanon and Israel

There have been several unresolved disputes between the Israel-Gaza War on the border before October 7th. The political and religious issues never let the disputes settle down. Ethnic tensions have been a major topic at the border of Lebanon all the time. Hezbollah has been a major force against the Israeli attacks and their injustice. It emerged in the 1980s basically, which is a group of Muslim militants. When the Missiles attacked, a source of Hezbollah cleared to the Lebanon media that this party had nothing to do with the Israeli attacks.

The Reaction of Israelis to the Bombing of Lebanon

The Israeli agency reported that as a result of bombing by Lebanon on their Northern Frontier. These bombings resulted in the injury of two people. A large community of people had to move to the bomb shelters as a result of the Lebanon bombing. According to the final reports, the Israeli community set that two missiles were fired from Lebanon towards the Israeli settlement. 

Warning Sirens in Israel

As soon as the missiles hit the Israeli settlement, the warning sirens and alarms in Israel start beeping. They warned all the citizens to feel and move to the bombing shelters. They claimed that multiple rockets were fired from Lebanon to Israel to the count of the hundred. Later on, the Israeli drones, being the spies, were seen on the border of Lebanon. The drones were following the attack on Southern Lebanon.

Statements of the Media People

In the UNIFIL media office, several news related to the Israel-Lebanon bombing were reported. Candice Ardell, being a deputy director, reported in the media along with many other reporters. The reports stated that many rockets were fired towards the Israeli settlement by Lebanon. As a result of the attacks, the Israeli army activated its defense system, which is an Iron dome defense system. The media people and reporters shot the images and videos of the rocket interceptions across both the borders. Social media activists were trying their best to record every single detail so the world would know what was coming shortly. This was the beginning of a major war, which was the Israel-Gaza War.

In further reports, the Israeli media claimed that it was the Muslim Hamas group behind the Lebanon air strikes on Israel. The leader of this party responded through some closer sources. He gave a clear statement: “This group has nothing to do with the attacks”. But Israelis were not convinced.

Reports of the Israeli Military

The Israeli military has said that Lebanon has fired 2 missiles at Israel, which were anti-armoured missiles. Israeli security agencies set up a high level of security on the borders. They try to make developments as a result of the attack. The Israeli foreign minister made a statement that “no one should test us. We will do everything and take all actions to safeguard our country”.

Later on, Israel started attacking Gaza in self-defense. They claim that the Hamas have attacked Israel again and killed their people. The Lebanese fire strikes and exchange of fire across the border with Israel. Every Muslim in every corner condemned the Israeli attacks on Masjid al-Aqsa and the Gaza Strip.


Due to the complexity of the missile attacks, several more variables combine to make the situation worse. As the Hamas attacked Israel, Leader Hezbollah had the support of Iran and Syria. Both financial aid and physical training are provided to the military of the Hamas to protect the Muslims. The situation has been getting worse since the day the Israel-Gaza war started. The attack on Lebanon, with the help of missiles, initiated it all. Somehow, the reason behind these attacks is Hamas, Hezbollah, and the military groups. They are the saviors of the Muslims suffering the attacks by the Israelis.

The Middle Eastern landscape is getting destroyed due to the bombing and air strikes on the current date. Even though the firing took place on the margins of Israel and Lebanon, it made the situation even poorer. While the situation gets worse, the rest of the countries in the world should play a vital role in settling the dispute and controlling the situation.

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