Israel-Hamas War- Updates on the Humanitarian Crisis- 17 October 2023


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Just a few days after hundreds of fighters launched (Israel-Hamas War) serious attacks on the towns near Israel’s border, Israel prepared itself for the upcoming attacks in the area. While the attack shocked Israel, it targeted the strip of Gaza with continuous deadliest airstrikes. According to the Ministry of Health of Palestine, the bombardments and attacks have taken the lives of 2800 Palestinians, while countless are injured. For a quick response, Israel has mobilized its reserve soldiers and troops (360,000) near the border, indicating that Israel will soon initiate a ground attack.

In the heated tension of the Israel-Hamas War, the US and Israel Spokespersons agreed on a plan to provide humanitarian aid to the attacked regions of Palestine territories. This discussion emerged at a difficult time when hospitals in Gaza face a lack of facilities and deadly challenges, and civilians desperately need essential equipment for their basic needs. This situation has been worsened by recent significant casualties and tensions along the Israel-Lebanon border. This news examines key updates in the Israel-Hamas War and educates you about the challenges both the people of Gaza face and those involved in providing aid to them.

US and Israel Agreement for Providing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

US spokespersons and Israeli leaders had a 9-hour-long meeting, during which they agreed on a point to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine who were affected by the bombing and serious attacks in the Israel-Hamas War.

Mr. Antony Blinken states, “At our significant request to initiate a plan to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza from the potential donor countries, the United States and Israel have agreed today.”

Although it is unclear when they would be let in, relief convoys waiting for days in Egypt were heading towards the Rafah border crossing with the besieged Palestinian enclave of Gaza this morning, according to humanitarian authorities of the Israel-Hamas War.

While acknowledging Israeli concerns that Hamas could seize or destroy aid entering Gaza or prevent it from reaching those in need, Mr. Blinken did not go into further detail about the aid plan.

“We will be the first to call out Hamas (Israel-Hamas War) if it prevents humanitarian help from reaching people in any manner, even by seizing the aid itself. And we’ll do all we can to stop it from occurring again,” Blinken added.

Recently, Israel attacked the Gaza-Egypt border crossing, making it unclear how aid convoys can safely transport.

Almost every hospital is running out of minimal facilities and medical supplies, and they are becoming overcrowded due to the massive number of injured and dead people in the affected territories, Over 2 million people are living without basic needs like food, electricity, water, and ration.

Hundreds of people will die if relief doesn’t arrive soon according to United Nations.

Tzachi Hanegbi stated at a press conference that aid “needs to be directed only to those who flee rather than to Hamas,” accusing Hamas of “robbing their stash.”

Hanegbi added that Israel had urged the people of northern Gaza to escape to the south, but Hamas had muffled these warnings and is trying to use the civilians as a “human shield.”

Death of a High-Profile Hamas Commander and a Death Toll of 3000

In an ongoing Israel-Hamas War, the high-profile commander of HAMAS was killed in an attack by Israel. The most well-known Hamas soldier, Ayman Nofal, was killed thus far, as Israel keeps firing missiles into Gaza.

Mohammed Abu Selmia, general director of Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital, stated that although medics frequently report hearing victims cry, they are helpless to do anything.

The shocking number of dead trapped under demolished structures or rubbles highlighted the challenges faced by rescue teams in Gaza as they attempted to save lives while having no internet and cell networks, running low on gasoline, and being vulnerable to constant bombings.

Mahmoud Basal, the spokesman for the Palestinian Civil Defence, which offers emergency services, stated while fighting back tears, “The destruction is so intense, there are hundreds of dead under the rubble as we speak.” ” Where are the Arab nations? The rest of the world? We plead, please save us from this deadly madness.

These are not only the talks, as more than 100 Palestinians have been killed in southern Gaza by the Israeli Military despite the prior orders for the civilians to take shelter or flee.

According to the sources, people who died had to flee their places and homes from the north side of Gaza before the Israel-Hamas war.

According to the Palestinian Government, “Around 3,000 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict and more than 13,000 people have been injured.”

IDF Intelligence Chief Acknowledges Intelligence Failure in Hamas Attacks

While investigating the Israel-Hamas War, the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate Chief states that “Hamas’ surprise attack on October 7 was brought about by intelligence failures.”

Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva writes in a memo, “In all my trips to Military Intelligence Directorate units in the previous 11 days, I sat down and stressed that the beginning of the war was an intelligence failure.

“The Military Intelligence Directorate, under my command, failed to issue a warning of the terror attack carried out by Hamas (Israel-Hamas War),” claims Haliva. As the director of the Military Intelligence Directorate, I am fully accountable for the failure of our most important mission.”

Gaza Hospitals Face Collapse Amid Israeli Airstrikes

The Palestinian health ministry claims that hospitals in Gaza reached a point of “actual collapse” on Tuesday due to fuel shortages and power outages in the attacked region.

In the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, despite diplomatic efforts to create a corridor with Egypt, sufficient humanitarian aid accumulates at Gaza’s closed border as rights organizations warned that supplies are running low for hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians.

After the Hamas invasion, the Israeli military has been surrounding Gaza since last week. People from affected areas are trying to leave from Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza because of the shortage of food, water, electricity, and rations, which keeps families at risk.

On Tuesday, Israel bombed a hospital which was eventually closed due to the severe damage of the structure.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, several hospitals in Gaza are in “actual collapse.” due to this horrific Israel-Hamas War.

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Refugee Camps in Gaza

Tuesday’s attacks by Israel in southern Gaza killed dozens of people and at least one senior Hamas member when it bombarded places where Palestinians took refuge.

Israeli airstrikes caused deaths in two heavily populated refugee camps in central Gaza due to the Israel-Hamas war tension according to the Palestinian Ministry of Interior on Tuesday.

A few days ago an airstrike targeted a crowded residential block of a camp (Al-Bureij), killing almost 12 people.

“Abu Ahmed,” head of the military wing of the organization, a top Israel-Hamas War leader and Ayman Nofal, was also slain in the assault on the Bureij refugee camp according to a statement from Al-Qassam Brigades.

Israeli shelling also struck a school in the camp, located in central Gaza, sheltering displaced Palestinians in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior reported on Tuesday. The Al-Aqsa Hospital estimates that six individuals at least died because of rising tensions in the Israel-Hamas War.

The arrival of German Chancellor Scholz in Israel

According to the Israeli foreign ministry, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Tel Aviv on Tuesday during the ongoing Israel-Hamas War.

Scholz was greeted on the tarmac by Eli Cohen, Israel’s foreign minister According to a statement from Al-Qassam Brigades.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a warm welcome to Chancellor Olaf Scholz Israel and commended him for “Coming to Israel” and his “Solidarity with Israel in these trying times” at a joint news conference.

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s chancellor, reaffirmed Germany’s support for Israel and described his trip to Tel Aviv as “a visit to friends in difficult times”. Scholz has mentioned the need to prevent the Israel-Hamas war conflict from escalating further regions.

Netanyahu and Scholz also discussed the provision and the accessibility of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Palestinian PM Calls for End to Israeli Aggression in Gaza

Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, Switzerland was asked today by Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh to ensure the safe passage of the injured and aid, as well as to put pressure on Israel to stop its cruelty towards the people of the Gaza Strip and its violations of the occupation army and settlers in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem as a party and sponsor.

It occurred at a meeting he had with Anne-Lise Henin about the Israel-Hamas War, the Swiss representative to the State of Palestine, in his office in Ramallah.

For International humanitarians, it is a serious violation of law to keep the blockade and restrict Gaza’s access to water, gasoline, power, and medical supplies according to the prime minister.

Almost 140+ basic aid vehicles are waiting at the Rafah border crossing because Israel forbids them to cross the Egyptian side.

The officials and Spokespersons requested basic humanitarian aid for the affected areas of Gaza and asked Israel to stop its conflict.

Death Toll of French Citizens in the Israel-Hamas War Rises to 21

The number of French nationals who killed people in the Israel-Hamas War during the current conflict in Gaza has increased to 21. According to the government, more than 11 people are still missing. The France Foreign Minister (Catherine Colonna), paid a visit to the missing people’s home on Sunday in Tel Aviv.

Spain to Send More Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

The acting foreign minister of Spain said at a news conference about the Israel-Hamas War that the nation will increase its humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip with a package worth 1 million euros ($1.06 million) and is ready to send more on Tuesday.

“The aid must reach the civilian population of Gaza, and Spain is ready and willing to participate” in relief efforts, adding that further supplies “will come because everything points to the need for more (aid).”He told reporters on Tuesday that Spain was prepared to contribute as soon as humanitarian supplies for the Israel-Hamas War could be delivered which was stated by Jose Manuel Albares.

Clashes at Lebanon-Israel Border Lead to Hezbollah Fighter Casualties

Clashes between the Israel and Lebanon border claimed the lives of five Hezbollah militants, the most deaths in a single day as tensions with Israel rose on Tuesday.

Since the most recent conflict in Gaza between the Israeli Hamas and the military, which led to the Israel-Hamas War, Israeli soldiers and armed groups in Lebanon have engaged in low-intensity clashes. Ten people have died since the start of the fighting according to Jose Manuel Albares stated.

The Lebanese Red Cross states that Israeli airstrikes on the Alma al-Shaab region in Southern Lebanon resulted in at least four deaths on Tuesday.

Although Hezbollah said that the two of its fighters were killed in clashes on Tuesday it’s unclear if they are included in the number of deaths listed by the Red Cross.

UN Warns of Food Crisis in Gaza with Only Days of Supplies Left

It was claimed by the UN’s World Food Programme that the food situation in the blocked and embattled Gaza Strip was worsening due to the Israel-Hamas War, with only four or five days’ worth of supplies left in the stores.

Within the Palestinian enclave, stocks were running low, but at the store level, the situation was far worse according to the WFP.

Abeer Etefa, the WFP’s Middle East spokesperson, talked to reporters at the UN in Geneva via video connection from Cairo and said, “The situation in Gaza is getting worse by every passing moment: the humanitarian situation but also, of course, the food security situation.”

Biden to Visit Israel to Reaffirm US Support Amid Ongoing Conflict

Joe Biden will go to Israel despite increasing worries that the Israel-Hamas War could become a larger regional battle on Wednesday.

US President will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to reaffirm the country’s support for Israel according to his senior diplomat Antony Blinken.

The president would clarify that “Israel has the right and the duty to defend its people from Israel-Hamas War and other terrorists and prevent future attacks” when revealing the preparations that were stated by Blinken.

He said that additionally that Mr. Biden will be briefed on Israel’s war objectives and strategies, as well as learn “how it will conduct its operations in a way that minimizes civilian casualties and permits humanitarian life to flow in Gaza.”

Hamas Accuses Biden of Favoring Israel Ahead of High-Stakes Visit

During the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, Hamas accused “The United States has taken an “aggressive” place against the Palestinian people, and it is “a culprit in this war against Palestine people.”

Although Biden expects to discuss financial and moral support, Hamas (Israel-Hamas War)says that his travel to Israel would only help to encourage “them” to carry out “more crimes against Palestinians.

More than 1,400 Israelis have died since Hamas initiated an unexpected attack on the Gaza Strip over a week ago, while almost 2,000 Palestinians have died due to Israel’s response in the form of airstrikes.

Escalating Exchanges of Fire on Lebanon-Israel Border Heighten Tensions

The Israel-Hamas war has spread over the southern Lebanon region. The Israel Defence Forces and Hizbollah fighters exchange additional fire in southern Lebanon. The incidents follow unwritten rules of engagement, but there is much room for mistakes in the environment. Tzachi Hanegbi, an Israeli national security advisor, stated that the current battles are “under the escalatory threshold.”

Northern Israel’s Metulla was the destination of anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon. According to Israeli medical officials reported by regional media, four persons were hurt.

The Lebanese Red Cross reports that shelling in southern Lebanon caused the deaths of four persons. Civilian or Hizbollah deaths were not evident immediately; however, Hizbollah later said that four of its militants had died.

Israel launched airstrikes on several southern Lebanon targets. According to the IDF and Hizbollah, there was a minor weapons fire at IDF stations along the border.

According to Hizbollah, it fired anti-tank missiles at several points around Israel. In response, the IDF claimed its tanks fired. The IDF further stated that two anti-tank missiles launched from Lebanon fell near the boundary of Kibbutz Yiftah.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, four militants who “tried to plant explosive devices on a border wall” were killed earlier.

Israeli Airstrikes Near Rafah Border Crossing Raise Concerns as Civilians Flee

Following official warnings to escape, Israel drops bombs near a Gaza border crossing crowded with civilians during the Israel-Hamas War.

The only available exit from the region is the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt. According to the IDF, the adjoining subterranean smuggling tunnel was the target of the attack rather than the Rafah crossing.

On the Egyptian side of the border, there are lots of trucks ready to go into Gaza but can’t because they are being bombed.

Bottom Lines

The condition in Gaza is still worse. There is not enough food or medicine for everyone, and hospitals are about to close very soon. The Israel-Hamas War is getting worse day by day. International participation, like German Chancellor Schulz’s trip to Israel and Switzerland’s request to make sure aid gets to the right place safely, shows how bad the situation is.

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