Famous Haunted House In Dubai That Will Thrill Your Fear


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Have you ever heard the term haunted house when scanning the tourist spots in Dubai? Apart from the skyscraper buildings and parks, thus, scary places are also worth adding charm to your trip to Dubai. You can joyfully include Haunted House Dubai in your horror places list. These places have variety in their appeal and excitement. If you have a daring personality, you will love to explore these places.

You can include the visit to these places in your Dubai trip. The house hunters Dubai will help you to locate and arrange your visit as they have expertise in this business. From the most horrifying experience to the less scary place, the insights of every type of haunted house to explore. Thus, you can plan your trip to the horror house Dubai and challenge yourself to this dare.

How Does A Haunted House Enlist Among The Most Visited Places In Dubai?

Most of you know that Dubai and other cities in the UAE are famous for tourism. Tourists always feel a great inspiration to visit such places. Visitors usually love to explore sky-heightened buildings and artificial landmarks. But, one can always experience the mystery of a haunted house Abu Dhabi. To observe the details, let’s dive into the blog.

1. Hysteria in Dubai Mall

Dubai’s haunted and frightening sights are well known to locals, but tourists need to become more familiar with these places. If you are interested in this unique and scary experience, immediately book your ticket for the best- haunted house attraction, Hysteria. To begin this most dangerous adventure, you can avail the haunted house Dubai Mall tickets from Dubai Mall. Thus, you can access the Haunted House Dubai Mall after procuring those tickets.

Haunted House

According to history, it is believed that a family used to live in this mansion. Somehow around midnight, their kids disappeared. Then, poor parents searched for them but were unsuccessful. So, it is assumed that visitor guests have some clue about their lost children. Thus, whoever visits the place, the parents’ ghosts want revenge.

There are a total of fifteen rooms in the mansion. The deadly creatures are there to scare you to the extent that you will admit that it is one of the most horrifying experiences. Each of the rooms will provide you with a unique thrill. Hence, book your ticket now to challenge yourself and experience the joy of horror.

2. The Pan Emirates Tunnel

Have you ever gone through a tunnel? If yes, then you would know how creepy and dark it sounds. The Pan Emirates tunnel is similar to any other tunnel. It is located in the UAE. However, you will be hooked to hear the creepy and haunted it sounds like. Searching the Pan Emirates near me will end your curiosity here. When you find the location of a Fujairah tunnel, you can start with the scary expedition.

Going through the Pan Emirates tunnel Abu Dhabi, you will feel like someone is following your footsteps, but when you turn around, you find no one. These illusions finish after exiting the tunnel. The road of the tunnel leads to the UAE airport. Although it is a buy route, visitors still complain of the mishaps they experience through this tunnel journey.

Some even complain that they hear the loud sounds of furniture getting thrown away or glass windows getting broken. Moreover, the location of Pan Emirates Sheikh Zayed Road is just in front of an old cemetery. Hence, it enhances the creepiness of this place.

3. Palace Al Qasimi

One of the famous places is the haunted house Ras Al Khaimah. This palace is located in the area of Ras al Khaimah. It was abandoned more than twenty-five years ago. According to the history of the ghost house Ras Al Khaimah, people say that the owners of this place visited it once. Hence, from that time, no one dared to settle in. Similarly, people don’t stay in Ras Al Khaimah ghost house because of paranormal activities.

The owners of Al Qasimi palace believed that some spiritual creatures haunted it. The strange loud noises echoed in the house and made it scary to sleep at night. Some even say they saw little children crawling, and weeping during the night. Today, if you visit Qasimi Palace, you will witness that most of the original furniture has disappeared. Therefore, people need to find out what forces are behind all these activities.

Hence, you can enlist this UAE haunted palace to the list of haunted places you want to explore in the UAE.

4. UAE Residential Building

The Deema Building Mankhool is an excellent residence area where many people prefer to live. However, the building has a significant drawback that might not encourage you to live there. In the surroundings of the building, there are two hospitals. Residents often complain that they hear noises of children playing around. Believe that the children aren’t humans! As the hospitals are near this building, therefore such noises are a common thing to hear.

Some people share that they witness people stepping up or down the stairs. However, when they look for it, there is no one there. There are rumors that they were flying humans. Although these incidents are minor, you can experience them if you dare to visit.

5. The Famous Tea Palace

If you want to visit a dream tea palace international city, jump here. The food place is located in Dubai, UAE. Along with the food, you will have something more to experience, though. Some visitors share that the table is filled with tea cups and tea, but there are no waiters around. Some complained that the coffee in the cups vanished without taking a sip.

A visitor shared the experience of his tea table flying away. It is one of those places that would spark the thrill in your body. You will get your adrenaline spike up because of the mysterious activities present around you. For instance, the banging of glass utensils is always around.

Also, the place is surrounded by a strong smell of tea even though the tea machines aren’t functional. Further, even when it gets closed, someone is having a tea party at the palace. Hence, it shows something haunts the place.

6. Most Famous Haunted House Food Palace

The Food Palace International City is another place to visit as a haunted house present in Dubai. The staff often complains that inside the kitchen, they feel some supernatural forces are present. They say they have heard loud sounds from the kitchen after it shuts down. In the middle of the night, the palace haunts them more because they feel some mysterious sounds of spoons, and plates as if someone is eating.

According to their staff, many cooks left their jobs because they often had to experience food disappearing before serving. It is a live experience.

7. Museum In Dubai

The Mystery Museum Dubai known as the Museum of Illusions is another place on the list of scary places you will love to visit. It is located in Al Seef Dubai, UAE. You can call it a place where there are numerous illusions to witness. Organizers have designed the museum to keep people hooked to the place. If often runs their curiosity to visit the museum more.

The organizers have used optical illusions to design this piece of heritage. Hence, with this phenomenon, you experience different psychological and visual illusions.

8. Motor City In Dubai

The Sensation Dubai Motor City is a famous restaurant on Detroit Road in Dubai. Although you will love to experience the food and ambiance, there is a shadowy side that you shall explore. The restaurant has a hidden side that consists of supernatural creatures. These creatures perform activities that can haunt the visitors.

Some say they feel someone is sitting with them and sharing the food. They also claim to hear children clapping but are invisible. Incidents like these make it a haunted place to visit.

9. Hatta Village

You can easily locate the Hatta villas near the Al Hajar Mountains in Dubai. The villas you will find here are luxurious and expensive. However, you will be surprised when you hear the stories of ghosts from the neighborhood. The tourist who visits those villas experiences some horrifying stories. Some say that the scary activities couldn’t let them sleep properly during the night. They added that they could hear some invisible creatures calling them loudly.

Again, in another report, they shared they could feel some knocking and banging of the doors of their rooms. Such incidents made them leave the place the next day. If you are a thrill-loving person, you can sign up for a visit.

10. Haunted Five-Star Hotels In Jumeirah

The famous five-star Taj JLT is a part of luxury Jumeirah hotels and resorts in UAE. It is located in Al Thanya, Jumeirah Lake Towers in UAE. It is an artificial haunted place. The organizers plan a night that is composed of horror and a haunting set of events along the food.

Similarly, they serve the guests blood-colored beverages. There is a list of thrilling, horrifying, and scary activities to encourage your thrill. To become part of this horrific party night, book your ticket now!

11. Mosque In Jumeirah

The JVC mosque is another place to visit in Jumeirah Village, Dubai. Many mosques are located in the specific region. The region is already quite famous for the horrifying places it has. If you visit the mosque or its surroundings, you will witness a man crying loudly alongside a baby. The pitch of their cry is so high that you cannot bear to stop there for a minute or longer.

Similarly, people who come to pray in the mosque complain that the mosque door gets slammed sometimes. After inspection, they found no human present there. It is an activity done by the ghosts.

12. Restaurant In Jumeirah

The like view JVC is a well-known restaurant in Jumeirah Village, Dubai. However, it is occupied by strange paranormal activities that can tremble you at any moment you experience them. Some people shared their experiences. They witnessed ghosts having food with them at their tables.

Similarly, they added the food they ordered quickly and finished without eating. Such an incident only claims that ghosts were laughing and dancing after dinner. If you want this experience, you can visit the restaurant.

13. Haunted Places In Al Karama

Do you love to visit spooky places in Dubai? Then, visit the spirit pub Karama. The pub is located in the President’s Hotel, Karama Trade Centre, in Dubai. What makes this place an extraordinary one is the ambiance. Thus, you will experience a dark and shadowy ambiance as you enter the pub.

Similarly, some people even witness strange activities when visiting this pub. Also, the activities include certain odd noises from the kitchen area. Some say they have seen shadows of supernatural creatures.

14. Ghost Town In Karama

Ras al Khaimah is also famous for another scary place: the Al Hamra Building Karama. You might have listened to the horrifying stories of paranormal activities from those who left their places and moved to other ones. A similar tale you can associate with al Jazirat Al Hamra ghost town Dubai. Three different tribes initially inhabited but migrated to their hometown.

The invisible ghosts roamed around the town. They damaged the houses and made it impossible at night with their screams. Some people experienced that the invisible creatures threw away their beds and furniture. Thus, children’s cries, women’s laughs, and ghost haulings made it more difficult for the residents.

15. Spooky Festivals In Dubai

To join the Echo Festival Dubai, you must sign up for the Halloween event. It is more like a costume party that makes you dress in a Halloween style. Every person who participates in this event dresses up uniquely. The spooky environment would drive you crazy. You can also become a part of this festival.

16. The Horror Rooms

Horror Room Dubai is an experience that will make your adrenaline rush! There are a total of four horror rooms in the city. One of them is located in Al Quoz, in Dubai. It is a real-life thrill for those who want to participate in this experience! For instance, you will find horrifying characters that would make you scared but don’t weaken your heart. You can win this adventurous game by destroying those characters.

The organizers have used the latest specialized technology, innovative sound effects, and visuals to make your experience thrilling. They have used high-tech sound systems that can scare you at any moment. So, hold your heart tight when participating in the game.

17. Horror Movies VOX Cinema In Dubai

The Grand Hyatt Galleria Cinema Dubai is a great place for you if you are a big heart fan of horror films. It is located in Grand Hyatt, Umm Huraira 2 in Dubai. In horror movies, you can experience thrilling, frightening, and terrifying twists and turns.

Thus, the credit goes to the team of planners and organizers. They have used specialized sound effects, lighting technology, and visual effects for the screens. Together both features make your horror movie unforgettable. So, book a ticket for your favorite movie like the Monster Movie UAE now!

18. Al Khalil Gate Building

Building 33 Dubai Healthcare City is one of the scariest places that one could believe in! You can locate it near the Khalil gate in Dubai, Al Quoz industrial area 2. Although this building got done with its completion in 2011, however, it is still vacant. The residents who lived there say they left the building in the first six days of residing.

Some strange paranormal activities they experienced included the disappearance of their daily essentials. Sometime later, the owner of the building sent some workers for the maintenance of the building. None of them returned, and they made suicide attempts. At night time, the neighborhood witnessed horrifying cries and laughs. These ghosts’ activities sometimes get intense during the night.

19. The Jinns Occupy UAE

Being an enthusiastic traveler, you will love signing up for tourism in the UAE. However, with several attractions, buildings, architects, and history, there is something different that can amuse you. Jinn in UAE is the hidden side of UAE that people usually ignore.

The ghosts had shown their presence at different places. Sometimes their company is the least, and one might ignore it. However, when their presence becomes notable, it will test your nerves. Then, if you want to enjoy the most daring experience through the most haunting place, begin your expedition now!


The unlimited story of a haunted house never ends in UAE. The ghosts are not everywhere but possibly present in old or shadowy places. If you are thrill-loving, mark down the list of places you want to visit.

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